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Look For Me in Magic Funhouse Coming To Fullscreen August 24

I have super exciting news! I am in six episodes of the groundbreaking series Magic Funhouse on Fullscreen! Here is the press release that just came out!

Get ready for season two of Magic Funhouse. The series will return with all-new episodes later this month! The series stars Brandon Rogers, Elise Christian, Alex Diehl, Paulette Jones, Jude Lanston, Nandini Minocha, TJ Smith, Jess Weaver and Monique Parent.

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Ways To Help Support

It’s tough being a starving artist and especially a 50 year old actress in Los Angeles! Someday I hope my YouTube channel will earn me enough to support me as I pursue my dream. In the meantime, I’m asking for your help.

I have launched a Patreon Campaign to help keep me alive in between gigs. This is it right here. Patron makes it easy to support your favorite artist. To literally become a patron of the arts for as little as $1 a month!

Or if you like, a one time donation via PayPal is always appreciated! Again, any amount, no matter how small is ALWAYS appreciated!

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Nudity On Film Vlog

Since I’m still being all perfectionist and shit about my writing and am still futzing with my book Nudity On Film, I figured I could at least talk about it a bit. Talking comes way easier to me than writing!!! Clearly. Since I’m typing like what? Four sentences? Five if you count this one. No, wait. Six. Seven! Crap. I can’t do math either…..


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I Rented A Car From A Total Stranger Using An App!

Turo Review

I had to get to my filming location yesterday and it was over an hour away and I don’t have a car! I find it’s easy to walk or bike most of the time and I catch a ride with Lyft or Uber when I need to. I’m saving close to $500 a month this way! But every once in a while, the need to rent a car comes up.

I got rid of my last credit card ten years ago – which is only ever an issue when it comes time to rent a car. I will often have to pay over $80 for the daily rental of a car that would otherwise be $20, because I stick to debit cards! Plus, they usually hit me with a $250 deposit – which while fully refundable, DOES take money out of your checking account possibly at time when you just can’t. It’s crazy to pay $80 just to earn $125 but that’s the world now-a days! Except now we have all these wonderful apps making new things possible. Like renting a car from a total stranger via the Turo app. Here is my recent experience…

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Playing Dress Up on YouTube and Earning A Living As An Artist

I moved back to Los Angeles to make a living as an artist. We all have to have day jobs though and I decided to try to make YouTube my day job. I had the wonderful benefit of Unemployment Insurance to cover my expenses while I learned to shoot and edit my own videos and slowly build a following. It’s so much more than a job though! Making these videos showing all I have learned in my 25 years in the movie business has been so emotional and cathartic for me!  But the question remains, can I earn a living from it? I don’t know the answer to that yet. This is my first month with no safety net. This is why I paired my overhead down as low as I can – so that I can make it through these lean times. SHAMELESS PLUG SINCE IT’S THE END OF THE MONTH: See that little “i” in the upper right hand corner? I have Fan Funding enabled. If you like my videos and the message of positivity I am trying to spread to women my age, you can contribute! One dollar once a month…..Thank you!!!!!

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This week has been all about the color red. That wasn’t my plan. It’s just is how it happened!

May 9

I’m no longer going to call it a fashion fail if I am busy working from home and don’t get dressed up. I’m human. I’m allowed “jammie days”. I don’t have to beat myself up over it. Monday was a busy day right here at home making YouTube videos. This was one of them. Every once in a while my arthritis acts up and this was one  of those days. When you can’t walk and you can’t sit (it’s my hips) there’s nothing to do but take some ibuprofen and go be horizontal. At least I can work in my bed!!!!

May 10

Technically, also a fashion fail. I made this video wearing a comfy, strapless “wear around the house/pool” sorta dress. I have been resistant to wearing red lipstick, and decided it was high time to give it another go. The NYX Natural liner gave the red a deeper brownish tint that I wasn’t crazy about though it did stay on my lips all day. Then, my new bicycle arrived which you can check out in this video.

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