About Monique

What makes Monique unique?


Monique Parent is an American actress known for smoldering love scenes and intensely charismatic characters. She has been called The Thinking Man’s Sex Symbol.

Monique was born and raised in a small town on the Central Coast of California and describes San Luis Obispo as “a great place to be from”. In 1990, Monique took the plunge and moved to Los Angeles. She began her professional acting career in 1991, spending a year honing her craft by studying at the Beverly Hills Playhouse before even sending out a headshot. Her first movie was Secret Games in 1991, quickly followed by Buford’s Beach Bunnies [VHS] and other made for video movies in the heyday of VHS tapes. Her best known of these is Playtime.

Monique has worked in a wide variety of genres, Sci-Fi (Jurassic City), Horror (Blood Scarab, The Perfect House, Profane Exhibit), Indie Drama (The Pornogropher, The Day Laborers (Los Jornaleros)) Comedy (Busted, The Fergusons) appearing in well over 100 films, in a career spanning 25 years.

After 25 years in the film business, Monique has certainly picked up a few tips and tricks in the makeup and hair department and shares what she has learned on her YouTube channel. She focuses on keeping fit and healthy as part of any beauty routine. Monique has spent many years as a student of healthy eating and has a blog (SortaHealthy.com) sharing what she has learned.

Monique is the author of an instructional book for directors and actors on the intricacies of working in a nude environment on set, Nudity on Film.

See Monique’s IMDB page for a complete filmography.