April 2016

The Hottest Trend Right Now

The absolute hottest, most on-trend thing you can be right now is… yourself.

unique    |yo͞oˈnēkadjective – being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else

Week number three of my RutBusting and I started out strong! The beautiful spring weather had me all excited to bust out those pretty, girly spring looks – I’ve been pairing Keds with dresses my whole life and it’s exciting for me that a look I have always done is in right now! Talk about the mountain coming to Mohammed…..

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Playing Dress Up (Even When You Don’t Want To)

This was tough week for me on my RutBusting exercise. That closet full of brown, copper and beige doesn’t excite me now that I  have silver hair. I am forcing myself to dress in something other than yoga pants and t-shirts but relying primarily on pieces I already own, because I’m on the total starving artist budget right now. Staying fashion forward with minimal shopping. I’m “shopping my own closet” and trying out new trends using what I already own and here’s what I learned this week:

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Spring 2016 Style Refresh – Revitalize Your Look By Mixing Classics Irreverently

Like so many women, I have fallen into the “comfort” rut. Yoga pants and T-shirts or tank tops  and tennis shoes, seven days a week.  Which isn’t a problem until you forget how to dress in anything else! I miss fashion… but I’ve also gotten really used to being comfortable… and it’s a hard thing to change. I have to relearn how to have style – but I’m not ready to give up comfort!

This has been week one of busting out of my rut! I bought a bunch of fashion magazines – which is a terrific way to get ideas but at the same time if you’re determined to not spend any money (like me) it’s very frustrating! It’s really hard to get excited about clothes that I’ve owned for 10 or 20 years when there’s all this new fresh stuff on the market!  I’m determined to use what I have before I purchase anything else. I’ve always leaned toward classic pieces. Now I just have to use them a bit more… irreverently.
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Body Positivity, Aging Gracefully, and Making Changes

Getting Naked, Going Gray, and How To Get Out of a Rut

I recently did an fun interview with comedian Jason Hadley. I was super pleased with the interview because it was a spur of the moment thing so Jason didn’t have time to do research on me. Inevitably, when I have some sort of an interview, the interviewer does research, discovers that I did nudity 20 years ago and that’s all we talk about for the entire interview. And it gets really boring for me. I’ve been having the same conversation for two decades. Yes, I am comfortable with my body. I am so comfortable with my body, so accepting of what is, flaws and all – that I am willing to appear nude on film while performing as an actor. But I like to think that’s not the most interesting thing about me. I like to think I offer the world a whole lot more than just the fact that I’m comfortable with my body. We all have bodies. It’s our minds and hearts that make us interesting.

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